Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our modern diet, and how we are working against ourselves.

Understanding weight issues when using hypnotherapy is very important. Blithely approaching the subject with a vague number that represents the weight a client wishes to achieve is not really enough of a goal. The real goal would be better defined as "to live with a healthy relationship to food."

The are many aspects of modern life that conspire against us, and push us toward a diet that is entirely unhealthy. In the past the human organism searched for fructose rich foods as a healthy impulse to find nutritious fruits as part of our diet. With the oversupply of sugar rich foods this once beneficial impulse is now one that drives us toward unhealthy refined sugars. Learn more about how sugar has affected our modern life in the documentary below. You can learn more about living with a healthy approach to diet at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc.

As a diabetic I am used to managing my sugar intake. I use no injections, and manage my entire sugar balance through carefully controlled dietary adjustments. It's not so hard, when you are sufficiently motivated.

Rob Hadley

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A history of opium, heroin… and tea.

The history of opiate addiction in modern society is not well understood. For example, few people realize that the intravenous use of morphine was originally believed to prevent addiction to opium. For many years it was actively promoted by the medical profession as it was believed to offer the beneficial effects of opium, while having no risk of addiction. Well, guess what… They got that wrong.

Understanding the nature of addiction is a challenge for most people either suffering with an addiction, or close to someone with an addiction. It is not unusual for people to contact Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc.  after learning someone close to them has an addiction. The first reaction for many people is one of fear, with a degree of panic thrown in for good measure.

While this may not seem unreasonable there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that unless you are very familiar with the narcotic in question, there’s a good chance you may not be looking at this from a position of experience and knowledge. Knowing ‘how bad is bad’ is a good start point. We can help inform you and assess the situation, so you can move forward from a realistic and well informed position.

In the BBC documentary below you can learn how opium was used to prevent teething children suffering, and how the recreational use of heroin was once considered a sophisticated pastime. Fortunately times have changed, and values are rather different now.

As you watch this documentary, keep in mind that some things which we take for granted today, may be viewed in the future with the same consternation we now feel when we learn that western missionaries freely distributed morphine pills to Chinese Christians, in the nineteenth century. These were known as ‘Jesus pills’. The wholesale supply of SSRI anti-depressants which we see in society today, may well be just such a case.

Just because something is normal today, doesn’t make it right.


Enjoy this great documentary about opium, heroin and tea.