Friday, January 25, 2013

What do people use hypnotherapy for?

We've built some great tracking software for use in our practice. This is a data driven system, which starts from when the client first makes the enquiry.

It helps us develop the relationship with the client, and gives us a accurate idea of what the client would like assistance with. Over the years we've built up this data and now it's beginning to tell an interesting story, and give us deeper insights into what we should be doing to develop our practice.

The graph above shows how many clients are in each of the listed categories. Obviously some categories have a great revenue contribution than other. 

Imagine you have no memory...

Imagine how life would be if each morning we woke up with no memory. Each day we would live recreating the relationships with those close to us.

No history, no animosity learned from prejudice and no resentment carried forward from the past. Everyday a new beginning. And each day the need to prove ourselves anew.

In his world friends are friends because of what is done today. Life is lived according to our actions now. we are accountable only for 'what is', not 'what was'.

Can I live this way for a single day? I am certainly going to try.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

The long slow road to overcoming bulimia.

After nearly three months of working with a hard core bulimic client, I have just had a session that has left we with such respect for this young woman. It's been log and slow progress, but now she's become happier, motivated, and has reduced the swing between bingeing and purging, and the pain of restricting.

When using hypnotherapy with most clients we see a rapid result and evidence of progress is obvious. In this case progress has been slow and painstaking, but in reviewing her condition she is now clearly moving easily toward resolution.

I've seen her go from desperation, through release of her fear, to a point where she embraces her creativity, and physicality. She's doing pottery, exercising (yes, I even got her into yoga) and she's now enjoying her job. She's got a great place to live now, and she's done all these things through her own determination. Now, she's less anxious and her bulimic nature is slipping into a controlled place.

In many cases the client/therapist relationship would have failed as progress was not immediately evident. I've often showed how hypnosis can work with bulimia clients swiftly and dramatically. However, there were no quick fixes for this young woman. Her courage and determination have paid off and even though we've not see the typical response to hypnotherapy, she is gradually but definitely moving toward mastering her bulimia.

It just goes to show that sometimes the result is not as quick as others, and we need to be prepared to play a long game. I cannot tell you how much I admire the strength of our clients that stick to their guns and see it through.

They are inspiring.