Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coke - it’s the real thing!

Sarah McPherson interviews Rob Hadley, CEO of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc., a hypnotherapy practice that specialises in the treatment of cocaine addiction.

Coke - it’s the real thing!

Cocaine addiction in Canada is on the rise. Many rehabs are backed up, and while treatment is generally considered better than in many countries facilities are often overcrowded or have waiting lists that negatively affect treatment success rates.

With this backdrop, most agencies agree, there is a growing incidence of cocaine addiction in the population at large. More people, from more diverse backgrounds, have access to cocaine than ever before.

I spoke to Rob Hadley, CEO of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc., and heard his perspective on the situation.

“What we’re seeing is a shift in the type of usage, and the type of user,” says Hadley. “It used to be that cocaine was a drug of the super rich and rock stars. Nowadays it’s gravitating down the social scale. Most people can, if they really want, get this drug. There’s also a sense of entitlement among some users.”

Hadley points out that many people have the fast car, the mortgage and the house that goes along with it, and they feel entitled to that extra thrill. He explains that many users are not affluent at all. Some find the cost too hard and slide downwards to using crack - a far more addictive version of cocaine, but one that is often available in low dollar increments. It’s possible to get a $5 hit of crack, but the user is never going to be satisfied with just one hit.

“Some users fall into cocaine because they honestly think that it’s something they ‘should’ try. ‘You should try everything once, right?’ Wrong. Don’t try stepping in front of a train... and don’t try coke. The result can be much the same. One just happens a little quicker.”

“We see a lot of users start using coke as a binge drug. They have a few drinks, someone offers coke and off they go. Alcohol often goes hand in hand with coke for these users. Later, as the addiction takes hold, alcohol may come out of the picture completely.”

At Vancouver Hypnotherapy’s clinic in Vancouver, Hadley and a team of other hypnotherapists, work with an exclusive clientele. Most come from the affluent suburbs of West Vancouver, or fashionable Yaletown.

“We work with clients who are in their addiction. Many rehabs and treatment centres won’t touch patients who still use coke. Our approach is to wean down the user, ease them off while setting up a set of alternative behaviours and eventually beliefs. It’s been very effective for many of our clients.”

Those clients have included bank managers, civil engineers and TV personalities. They come because the service is discrete and can be used while they continue to live their lives. There’s no need for residential care. They have a strict regime to follow, but can do so while they continue to work.

“Our clients are more likely to own the bank than rob it,” says Hadley.

He also adds that if an addiction goes untreated, the chances are they’ll lose everything.

“At that point our rates look pretty cheap!”

Sarah McPherson. Toronto. 12 Oct. 2012.

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