Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trance - What is it and how does it feel?

We are often asked by clients if they will be 'out' or 'under'. These phrases are somewhat misleading and deserve a degree of explanation. In many cases a prospective client may expect to be put into a deep trance - as they may have seen in hypnosis shows - and yet very deep trances have little therapeutic value.

At Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc., all our hypnotists are expected to be able to perform on stage, and have a thorough knowledge of all hypnosis techniques - stage or otherwise. These can be useful from time to time, but generally in a therapeutic setting are not used. Deep trance usually is not really remembered. On stage many people simply have no memory of what happened. This would make for a very poor therapy session! During therapy a more gentle and light level of trance is appropriate.

I like our staff to be all round hypnosis experts, and so expect them to be able to execute fast hypnosis, such as the example below. However, this really is not for therapy purposes.

Very subtle suggestions can be introduced during light trance to great effect. Generally a subject during therapeutic hypnosis feels much the way they would at the end of a yoga session, or after some activity in which their mind was very focused and relaxed. People slip into trance when doing yoga, driving or even programming. Any time that you loose track of time, and find your mind drifting, likely you are suggestible and in trance. A competent therapist will use that moment to introduce suggestions that will benefit the subject.

An example of very subtle suggestion, that results in a powerful hypnotic experience is on the link below. It's far from therapeutic, however does show how subtle suggestion can be hugely impacting. Watch the video on the link below:

Derren Brown is a master of this type of suggestion.

Another subtle set of suggestions is here:

Trance comes in many shapes and sizes. It's a beneficial experience for everyone as you tend to release the tension and anxiety one picks up in daily life, during trance. This is one reason some people find driving relaxes them, or painting or playing the piano. At Vancouver Hypnotherapy we experiment all the time with different types of trance. As a result we find some interesting ways to help clients.

You should expect your hypnosis to be relaxing, calming and very beneficial. Feel free to ask any of our staff if you need more information.

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