Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vancouver Hypnotherapy School - THA Training

Today at the Vancouver Hypnotherapy School we looked looked at Treatment Plans and a couple of videos including this one:

And I also suggested students listen to the following podcast:

If you are in training with us, these links will help you review.  If you are not yet in training with us, enjoy the information.

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Rob Hadley
Vancouver Hypnotherapy School

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Regression With A Cutter.

As a child my client, Jenny had experienced a frightening episode in the classroom. She was 7 years old, and eager to please her teachers. In one particular class she was expected to bring in a short essay. The children were just getting used to the concept of 'homework'.

Jenny was a diligent little girl. Although there was some disruption in the family home, she liked getting everything organised and ready for school. She was very attentive to her appearance and liked to brush her hair, always making sure she looked nice - as her mother had impressed upon her. Somehow that day, as she'd packed her school lunch in her 'My Little Pony' school bag, she'd picked up the wrong piece of paper in place of her homework. Her mummy dropped her at the school and she went to her classroom along with all her friends.

As class started she pulled the paper from her bag and suddenly in a wave of panic realised it was not her homework at all, and just some drawings she'd been doing. Almost immediately, to her horror, she was asked to step out in front of the class and read her story. Suddenly short of breath and reddening with embarrassment she tried to reply to the teacher, but her words were caught in her mouth.\

With all the class focusing upon her, Jenny tried to explain herself. To her shock, her teacher started shouting at her and telling her she was a lazy little girl and obviously a liar. Not only would she have to stay behind after school, but because she had lied her teacher would have to phone her mother and explain that liars have to be punished. Jenny was shocked and afraid.

One can only assume that the teacher had problems of his own. However, during his tirade, Jenny began pinching her leg. As he continued to berate her, shouting, she squeezed harder and harder. It took her mind off the horrible experience she was being forced to undergo. By the time he finally finished she was bleeding.

After class she showed a few friends, who looked at her with mixed feelings of pity and confusion. Little girls are not meant to make themselves bleed.

Jenny, now 32, is over an addiction as a result of her treatment at Vancouver Hypnotherapy.  She's also over a serious cutting problem, which we learned (using regression) started as a result of the incident above. The cutting has left its scars, and she will wear them for life. She is now a talented artist, and I explained that those scars can be worm with pride, as they map out the journey that she has traveled and triumphed over.

As for the teacher, he is likely retired and oblivious to the damage he caused.

14th March 2013. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Perspective Is Everything

It's all about perspective. Instill confidence, make a task look easy and it becomes easy. For humans, perception is more real than reality. In this great talk Rory Sutherland puts a new spin on perspective. RH