Monday, August 13, 2012

Stress - Embracing your anger.

All of us feel a degree of stress. The person who feels none is either insensitive or dead.

How we perform under stress, and how we manage stress is really the focal point of many clients who come and visit a hypnotherapist. They may have apparently specific issues, but in reality there is a cumulative weight from several directions which they finally feel is just to much to bear.

For some people this comes out as anger.  For others it is far more subtle, perhaps an eating disorder or skin problems. For some, I am convinced, it manifests itself in the form of degenerative illnesses or even cancer. Yes, that's pretty contentious. And yet, I am not alone in the idea.

Did the stress from work actually cause the cancer? Probably not. Did the way the client manages stress generally cause the cancer? Very possibly.

The more we bottle things up, and leave angst unexpressed, the more likely these issues are to come out in ways that are far more damaging and unhealthy. It's fine to say you're pissed off. It's ok to let off steam. Doing it in an appropriate and acceptable way is going to be a lot less trouble than walking into MacDonalds with an axe and starting swinging. People have tried that and it doesn't seem to end well.

The people who don't let their emotions out are the ones I really worry about. The cold faced individuals, who harbor their suppressed anger. They are the ones that are really frightening. We are humans. At times we are going to have lows as well as highs. It's no big deal. We can all manage it. No one needs to be Tazered over it.

So, next time you see someone venting their spleen, say to yourself, if not them, "Jeez, yeah. Sometimes life really does suck... Now, what's next? Let's go have some fun!"